5 day Vipassana Meditation in Thailand

 Wat Doi Suthep Temple

Everyone keeps writing me about my 5 day Vipassana “Insight” silent meditation (concerning mindfulness) that I did at Wat Doi Suthep temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’m extremely talkative and for me to be silent for 5 days wasn’t easy. The first 2 days were tough.

I never had the strong urge to run away and quit, but I think that is only because I decided before I got there that I would surrender to it and let it take me where I needed to go. Waking up at 5am every morning, with only 2 vegetarian meals per day, no phone, TV, internet etc. It is like boot camp for the mind with spiritual awakenings as you train yourself to be aware of the body’s action with walking, sitting and lying techniques.

It was a deeply profound experience for me. It was both the best and the hardest thing I think I have ever done. I learned that the mind is like a fertile garden and for it to flourish, you must nurture it daily. There are things that we hang on to; it is the hanging on to these things that is allowing them to continually hurt us in the present, even if we are not consciously aware of it. I was amazed at the things that were buried deep inside me. I know a lot of us can relate to the toxic waste that we put into the fertile garden of our minds every single day: the worries and anxieties, the aggravation about the past, the uncertainty over the future and all of the other 60,000 overwhelming thoughts we think of daily that cause chaos inside our inner world.

Most people don’t have 5 days to completely disconnect to sit and breathe, but at least give yourself a moment of silence! It’s the greatest tribute we can ever pay to anyone, give yourself the same opportunity. There is a secret within you that you can only access through silence.



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