Las Vegas

Hawaii to Las Vegas Layover

I just came back from Hawaii and had a 15 hour layover in Vegas, so of course I decided to make the best of it and hit the strip for a couple hours. I had to leave my bags somewhere and the safest place was at a hotel with a bell boy… Decided to go to The MGM Hotel and go to the MGM pool party called “Wet Republic”, before I got into the hotel I […]

Las Vegas Day 3: MGM pool & Flight back home

Woke up in the morning to this beautiful view from my suite and had planned to go to the MGM pool with my boys before I left back home… Went to the MGM pool had a great time smoked a great expensive cigar and had some buckets of Bud light in the pool… After the MGM we walked around a bit and stopped at Coca Cola to take a picture with the bear. lol… Then […]

Las Vegas Day 2: Nightlife

I called my friends from California to come to Vegas for a day and didn’t think they would come because of the last minute invite but sure enough they did… They go to Vegas just in time for the nightlife… First we went to club LAX at The Luxor since we were staying there we get in for free because we are hotel guest and there’s a special entrance line for us. We stayed there […]

Las Vegas: First Time Flying Standby

My first time ever flying stand-by and I go to Las Vegas what a coincidence that the first time I ever been out of Florida and on an airplane it was to Las Vegas as well unintentionally … The reason being was because my friend Mia who also flies stand by was going with some of her girl friends to celebrate one of the girls birthday there, and asked me if I would like to […]