Don Shula’s Steak House 48-Ounce challenge, actually 96-Ounce challenge

TWO, 48 oz steaks

Not one but two, 48 ounce steaks from Don Shula’s steakhouse


Meet Rudy, we went for his birthday to Shula’s Steakhouse because he wanted to eat 96 ounces of meat. I thought he was crazy, and that there was no way that he can consume so much meat, take into consideration that the bone is about 10 ounces of the total weight, you’re still looking at approximately 1,800 calories, not to mention 264 grams of fat, 96 of which are saturated for each steak… He ended up eating 3,600 calories, 528 grams of fat, and 76 ounces of medium-rare steak.

Almost done with two 48 ounce steaks

My 12 oz steak

DONE! and YES he did eat it all

Shula’s Steak House in Miami


“The Original” Shula’s Steak House
7601 Miami Lakes Drive
Miami Lakes, FL 33014



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