Baseball in the streets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Me and Yasser were driving thru some random streets in DR and seen some kids playing baseball in the streets while it was drizzling outside and most of them didn’t have shoes or shirts on. I told him to pull over so that we can join them for a quick game, and Yasser hesitated at first but then made a U turn. We simply got out and asked them if we can join and they […]

Frank Kings Cafe and Grill in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I’ve known Frank for a very long time. Met him when I was working at Metro PCS cell phone store and he had a jewelry store all under the same roof. Yes you can pay for your cell phone bill while getting your jewelry cleaned… Frank ended up selling his jewelry store and all his other stuff to move to DR and start his restaurant while enjoying his retirement besides that’s where he is from… […]