Life On Standby

How to fly STANDBY as a Non Rev passenger

  You want to fly for free or, as veteran standbys call it, “non-rev?” You can either get a job at an airline or make friends with an airline employee. Flying stand by becomes a way of life for people like me. In 2010, I spent three days at the airport in Honolulu. I was flying stand by and there were no empty seats. The only catch has been that I have to wait until minutes […]

hospitality exchange

Hospitality Exchange in Ouarzazate, Morrocco

Day 1 in Morocco has been a beautiful struggle! As I land in Casablanca and take the train to a strangers house (2 hours away in Rabat) and the train in front of it broke down. Waited 3 hours before it moved again with no AC. Half way there had to change trains and it looked like it wasn’t coming. Got my host to come get me which took another 2 hours then an hour […]

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

5 day Vipassana Meditation in Thailand

  Everyone keeps writing me about my 5 day Vipassana “Insight” silent meditation (concerning mindfulness) that I did at Wat Doi Suthep temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’m extremely talkative and for me to be silent for 5 days wasn’t easy. The first 2 days were tough. I never had the strong urge to run away and quit, but I think that is only because I decided before I got there that I would surrender […]